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Sea Coral Adjustable Ring

Sea Coral Adjustable Ring

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Introducing our captivating Sterling Silver Adjustable Sea Coral Ring – a true masterpiece that beautifully extends in an enchanting branching pattern. You'll love how the lifelike textures intricately cover the entire surface, inviting you to run your fingers over its irresistible tactile details.

Just imagine, sea coral has been treasured for generations as a powerful talisman against fear. Think of those brave sailors who used to secure coral to their ship masts, relying on its strength to shield them from raging storms and perilous shipwrecks.

And there's even more to the story – the magic of coral's protective aura runs deep. Legends intertwine with reality, sharing the tale of coral's origin from the blood of the mythical Medusa, once beloved by Poseidon, the sea god. This enthralling history infuses the coral with an unmistakable mystique and timeless strength.

When you wear our Wrap Around Sea Coral Ring, you're embracing the spirit of resilience. It's like carrying a little reminder of your own inner strength, just like those sailors did way back when. What's truly special? With each purchase, 10% is donated to the Sea Turtle Conservancy, making your connection to the marine world even more meaningful.

Or perhaps, you see it as a symbol of your connection to the sea's warmth and endless wonders. Join us in celebrating coral's protective legacy and the unyielding spirit of ancient myths, all while making a tangible impact on marine life conservation.

.: Sizing starts at size 7. We recommend adjusting this ring to the correct size and then leaving it alone. Excessive opening and closing can weaken the band and create cracks and possible breakage.
.: Sterling Silver
.: Made in Indonesia

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