Connected Clothing Company founders Lexy (on the left) and mother, Kelly, (on the right)

The Start Of Connected

Hi! My name is Lexy. I founded Connected Clothing Company with my mom, Kelly, in 2018. It all started in an effort to create shirts for ourselves that made a statement and would spread awareness of topics close to our hearts.

Connected Clothing Company founder Lexy holding viewing chamber with juvenile striped burrfish on a pier

But That Wasn't The Beginning

I've had a passion for animals and the environment for as long as I can remember. I was studying Coastal Environmental Science and wanted to share so much of the information that I had learned about our beautiful planet and it's inhabitants.

girl in greenhouse with flowers and sunhat wearing Connected Clothing Company "No Blue No Green" tshirt - 10% of profits give back to non-profit organizations - ethically and sustainably made clothing

Spreading The Message

After seeing how the shirts we had made quickly became the topic of conversation, we decided to start Connected for others to show off their conservation and rescue passions, while also giving back to amazing non-profit organizations.

Connect To Our Planet

Our name, "Connected," and logo come from the fact that all of us humans, plants, animals, and everything else on this Earth are all connected to one another. We hope to inspire and educate others to connect with the causes that they are passionate about.

Connected Clothing Company Whale Shark Embroidered Cotton Cap on a beach - 10% of profits donated to Mission Blue ocean conservation efforts - ethically and sustainably made clothing

Created To Give Back

All of our products are specially designed by us, with a specific cause in mind and give back to a related organization. With each item purchased, at least 10% of the profits are donated to the organization mentioned in the product description. Unlike other companies that donate, we give back to a wider array of causes with each purchase.

girl in greenhouse surrounded by plants wearing gray Connected Clothing Company "All You Need Is Less" shirt - Connected Clothing Company donated 10% of profits to non-profit organizations - ethically and sustainably made clothing

Ethical & Sustainable

We believe that fashion, especially those promoting an environmental cause, should not harm our environment in the making. At Connected, we only use ethically made, sweatshop-free, and eco-friendly products. We are constantly striving to use the most sustainable and eco-friendly materials that we can attain.

group of friends smiling while wearing Connected Clothing Company shirts - ethically and sustainably made products that give back to non-profit organizations

Created To Connect

We know that even though many people may not understand how important these issues are, there are so many who - like you - share the same values as we do, and understand how important it is to spread awareness of animal and environmental causes.

The issues in today's world are definitely overwhelming. but we believe every single effort counts. One person alone can inspire countless others and when all of us are connected, we can create a massive wave of change!

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