How It Works

computer on desk looking through beautiful images. Applying to Connected Clothing Company's Brand Ambassador Program.

Step 1: Sign Up

Create a Connected account or log in - by clicking here.

two friends laughing while walking on a beach - Connected Clothing Company Brand Ambassador Program

Step 2: Share & Earn

Earn Connected Cash by spreading the message of Connected on social media, following us, and making purchases.

girl on beach with palm trees in background wearing Connected Clothing Company's Sea The Beauty Whale Shark Tank Top - Connected Clothing Company Brand Ambassador Program

Step 3: Redeem

Redeem your Connected Cash for $$$ towards future purchases!

Join the movement spreading awareness and knowledge about animal and environmental causes!

What does it mean to be a Connected Crew member?

As a part of the Connected Crew, you're helping us to spread the Connected movement every time you make a purchase or share Connected through social media, while helping us to give back and earn rewards along the way!

Perks Of Being Part Of The Crew

You earn...

3 Connected Cash for every $1 you spend

50 Connected Cash when you share us on Facebook

50 Connected Cash when you 'like' us on Facebook

50 Connected Cash when you follow us on Instagram

200 Connected Cash for signing up and joining our newsletter

200 Connected Cash on your birthday

A $5 off discount to give your friends and receive your own when they make a purchase.

Plus, you'll get exclusive discounts, promotions, and contests!