How Our Clothes Are Made

At Connected, our mission is to spread awareness of environmental and animal causes through our products and education. But, what's the point in promoting environmental causes if it comes at a cost to our environment in the making? We know that historically, the clothing industry has been one of the worst polluters of our planet. We work hard to make sure we are providing you the best quality products that are both ethically and sustainably made.

Ethically Made

We ensure that all of our products are created humanely and sweatshop-free. All of our manufacturers are Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) Certified and held to the highest standards of safe, lawful, ethical, and humane manufacturing practices.

Sustainably Made

To reduce our carbon footprint and clothing waste, our products are printed after each order is placed using water-based and eco-friendly inks. This means every order you place is made just for you!

Our packaging materials are either recyclable or biodegradable, depending upon the product being shipped.

We are constantly striving to use the most sustainable and eco-friendly materials that we can attain.

Our Tees

Fabrics for our regular 100% cotton unisex T-shirts are cut and dyed in California using the most efficient equipment available.

Our fabrics are dyed using 7x less water than the average clothing manufacturer. That's only three gallons of water per pound of fabric compared to the nine to 20 gallons of water per pound from other manufacturers. Once dying is complete, the water is then recycled and reused rather than dumped into our oceans.

Our fabrics are sewn and cut in facilities that run entirely on solar power, cutting out the need for fossil fuel powered energy.

No fabrics go to waste. Any fabric not used to make our tees gets recycled into stuffing, upholstery, and other products.

Our Printing Process

All of our products are printed in the United States using water-based, eco-friendly inks. Screen printing is typically done using plastisol inks, which from the name you may be able to guess - they're made of plastics. The water-based inks that we use are a far better option because:

They're PVC free.

They bind with the fabric, rather than sitting on top. This means you can't feel the print and it won't crack or fade with wear.

The garment and print will hold up much longer because the ink is actually a part of the fabric.

They're safer for the environment, humans, and animals.

AND to make our printing process even more eco-friendly, each of our products are printed only after an order is placed, meaning nothing goes to waste.