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Save The Pangolins Sticker

Save The Pangolins Sticker

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Did you know that the pangolin is said to be the most trafficked non-human mammal in the world? Tens of thousands of pangolins are poached every year due to the demand for their scales in traditional Chinese medicine and for their meat.

Pangolin scales are made of keratin, the same material as our nails, hair, and the horns of rhino.

Of the 8 species of pangolins - 3 are listed as critically endangered (Sunda Pangolin, Philippine Pangolin, and Chinese Pangolin), 3 are listed as endangered (Giant Ground Pangolin, White-bellied Pangolin, and Indian Pangolin), and 2 are listed as vulnerable to extinction (Temminck's Pangolin and Black-bellied Pangolin). All 8 species are protected under national and international laws, but now that the species are becoming increasingly rare they are in high demand on the black market.

Let's continue to fight against wildlife crimes and speak for those with no voice.

With every purchase of our Save The Pangolins Sticker, $1 is donated to TRAFFIC, a non-profit dedicated to ending the wildlife trade through biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

.: 3" x 2.787" waterproof sticker

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