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Pollinators Keychain

Pollinators Keychain

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Crafted with precision and care, this Pollinators Keychain showcases the delicate beauty of these essential pollinators. You'll find intricate depictions of butterflies and bees dancing among vibrant blooms, capturing the essence of their crucial work.

Each keychain is meticulously carved from sustainable wood, reflecting our commitment to responsible craftsmanship and eco-conscious sourcing. By choosing this keychain, you're not only adding a touch of natural wonder to your daily life but also supporting ethical manufacturing practices.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this keychain carries a powerful message about the importance of pollinators. As we know, these remarkable creatures play a vital role in our food chain by ensuring the pollination of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. By displaying this keychain, you're raising awareness about the significance of preserving their habitats and safeguarding their future.

Furthermore, 10% of every purchase is donated to Pollinator Partnership, making this keychain a symbol of your dedication to their well-being.

.: Measures approximately 2.4"x1.6" with 1" and .5" split rings
.: Made from 3/16" thick maple veneered wood in a solar powered Santa Cruz, California workshop. Every keychain is made from 100% sustainably harvested, American grown wood.
.: Please note - every wood item is unique and colors and grain can vary from piece to piece.
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