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Oystercatcher Bird Bookmark

Oystercatcher Bird Bookmark

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Embrace the beauty of the coast with our meticulously crafted Oystercatcher Bird Bookmark. Perfect for birdwatchers and conservation enthusiasts alike, this bookmark captures the elegant silhouette of the beloved oystercatcher bird, known for its striking appearance and vibrant spirit.

Oystercatcher birds, with their distinctive calls and striking black and white plumage, are a captivating sight along coastlines. Yet, like many coastal species, they face challenges from habitat loss and human disturbances.

In the spirit of conservation and the beauty of these remarkable birds, we introduce our Oystercatcher Bird Bookmark. It's a symbol of our commitment to not just admire, but also protect the natural habitats these birds call home.

With every purchase of this bookmark, 10% of the proceeds are donated to Mission Blue, an organization dedicated to ocean conservation and safeguarding marine protected areas.

.: Robust aluminum
.: Comes with a RANDOMLY COLORED REMOVABLE TASSEL to add a pop of color to your reading experience. Should you prefer a specific tassel color or opt for no tassel, kindly specify upon ordering.
.: An ideal present for birdwatchers, conservationists, and avid readers alike.
.: Measuring 1.5in x 5.9in, it fits perfectly in novels, journals, and planners.
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