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Brand Ambassador Program

Become part of the Connected Clothing Company movement spreading awareness and knowledge about animal and environmental issues!

We are looking for dedicated ambassadors who share the same mission as we do and share a passion for wildlife and the environment!

How To Become An Ambassador

Do you have a passion for the environment and animals? Do you love clothing and products that have a purpose while giving back to awesome organizations? Do you find yourself using social media to educate others and spread awareness of issues close to your heart? Do you get inspired and motivated while seeing people make changes in their lives based on information or recommendations that you have provided them?

Maybe this doesn't completely describe you... but would you like it to? We are in search for those of all ages (13+) that love sharing their environmental passions and educating others. A successful Connected Clothing Company ambassador is eager and enthusiastic to share our products and their meaning with those around them.

To be considered, click here to fill out our application. Qualified candidates will hear back shortly after applying!

Benefits For Our Ambassadors

  • Receive your own personal discount code on all of our products
  • Receive a discount code to share with your friends and followers on social media
  • Earn points towards free items from referrals, friendly competitions, and more
  • Become more closely involved with the company and our followers
  • Gain valuable leadership and marketing skills while becoming educated on our causes
  • Be a part of the very first group of Connected Clothing Company ambassadors - providing suggestions and setting the standard for future ambassadors
  • Work closely with the founders on ideas, promotions, and more
  • Be the first to know about new products, campaigns, and programs

Responsibilities Of Our Ambassadors

  • Post at least 3 pieces of content every month wearing Connected Clothing Company apparel or showing off our other products 
  • Help spread the word of new products and promotions
  • Must be following Connected Clothing Company on social media platforms
  • Offer feedback and ideas on future products 


For additional questions or information, please email us at